Create an image of your unique hand-drawn signature!

Draw Your Signature

If you need a digital version of your hand-drawn signature, you are in the right place. Our 100% free online tool can create a digital copy of your hand-written name for use on websites, documents, photos, or anything else.

There is no need to download any software as our tool works entirely in your browser. You can feel free to make as many signatures as you like without cost.

Signature Maker: How to draw your signature

Before we get too deep into the steps here, the first thing you should do is draw in the checkered field. Use your mouse, finger, or stylus to draw some scribbles so you can get a feel for how it works and looks.

Once you’ve drawn something, hit the CLEAR button to erase it. Now that you have the basics down, let’s do it for real!

First, choose the color you would like for your signature. Black is the default, but there are thousands of colors from which to choose. Use the color picker (the black square under the word COLOR) to choose your signature’s hue.

The chances are good that you’ll want the background of your signature to remain transparent. This will ensure it looks natural when placed onto colored or textured backgrounds. However, if you don’t want transparency, you can use the BACKGROUND color picker to select something else.

With those two options solidified, draw your signature into the Signature Maker tool. As you write, feel free to play with the MIN WIDTH and MAX WIDTH sliders. These can make a huge difference when it comes to the accuracy of your digital signature.

If you make a mistake, just hit UNDO or REDO. Take your time and make sure your signature looks perfect.

Download your digital signature

When you’re done crafting your signature, you have three options for downloading:

JPG — This is an image format that does not support transparency. Use this if you know you need a JPG and/or you selected a colored background.

PNG — This image format supports transparency. This is the ideal selection for most people.

SVG — This is the least common format. This is a vector-based file that can be limitlessly resized with the proper software. Most people won’t need this format but it is here if you do.