Create a digital signature from scratch using our signature maker tools.

Signature Maker

When you’re out and about, signing your name is as easy as putting pen to paper. However, what if you’re online? How do you put your signature on something then? Well, that’s what our Signature Maker tool is all about!

We have two tools here that can help you create a digital image of your signature. You can then use this image wherever you like, such as on a website, within a document, as a watermark on a photo, and more! Essentially, anywhere you can put a picture you can put your signature.

These tools are totally free to use. You can feel free to make one or even dozens of signatures. There is no software to download and no registration requirements. You can even use these tools on your smartphone!

Ready to use the Signature Maker? You’ll first need to pick a specific type of tool:

Draw your signature

Choose this tool if you’d like to manually draw out your usual signature. You can use your finger, mouse, or stylus to write your signature just as you would while out in the real world. Our server will then create an image from what you draw for you to use digitally!

Type your signature

Choose this tool if you aren’t interested in transferring your hand-drawn signature to a digital file. This tool simplifies the process by having you type out your name and then letting our server translate the text into a script typeface that looks like a real signature. You can even manually tweak the final product to make it look as realistic as possible.